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Cosmetic Tattooing

(AKA Micropigmentation)


Cosmetic Tattooing is superior to microblading because where microblading can only be used to create a hairstroke effect, cosmetic tattooing can be used to create hairstroke, powder brow or combination effect depending on the desired look, which would be discussed during a consultation beforehand to ensure you get your exact desired look from the procedure, should you choose to have it done.

Significantly reduced risk of scarring and damaged hair follicles over the microblading technique.

This procedure uses equipment and pigments specifically designed for cosmetic applications which are different to those used in regular tattooing, these pigments are designed to fade over the years so that a lady who may have suited dark fuller eyebrows when she was young, can have them changed to suit her face when she's older. 

Eyebrows are measured and drawn on to suit each individuals face.

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