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Look I made a blog.. I think.

Does this mean we have a blog now?

Hang on.. does this mean that I have to write blogs now, how often do you even write blogs? What does it even mean?

Who even cares, if everything else in my life is to go by I’ll probably do a few then forget it even exists but I might as well try anyway, you never know when a new idea becomes your new favourite thing.

This one is just a test really to see where it goes on the site, I’m somehow doing this from my phone at the moment and I’m not even sure what happens when I’ve finished writing it! We’re in uncharted territory here, well, uncharted by me at least.. although I’m sure it will be as simple as clicking on the word blog somewhere on the website then pointing your eyes at the words for a bit.

I actually started writing what could be considered a blog post the other day now that I think about it, someone on Instagram asked me why I cancelled my fusion ink sponsorship so I gave him the very simple answer then elaborated on it in my notes, I’ll fix at least 60% of the spelling mistakes then put it up here when I’m done assuming this works. Please let me know if I miss any spelling mistakes anywhere in these or anywhere else on the site, I’m pretending to be a professional.



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