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The eleven cards!

Here you can find the names of the cards in the full set.

Card Name

1. The First Card

2. The Steak Card

3. The Weed Card

4. The Grinder Card

5. The Blank Card

6. The Beats Card

7. The T Card

8. The Easter Card

9. The Halloween Card

10. The Christmas Card

11. The 1111 Card

(Mythical Rare (shiny))

(Medium Rare)









(Mythical Rare (shiny))


. Get Tattooed by Thanks Aanderton

. Complete The Secret Game

. Available at Conventions

. Available at Conventions

. Buy Merch in person

. Visit the Studio 

. Buy Something from the store

. Only Available During April

. Only available During October

. Only Available During December

. Come to a Thanks Aanderton Gig


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